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Recognizing our outstanding Annual Giving Donors
(Listing below is for contributions of $1,000 or more made between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016)
La Sierra Circle: $5,000 AND ABOVE

Mara Abboud

Linda Brown

Deckers Outdoor Corporation

Roberta L. Griffin

Christopher and Pamela Haskell

Hutton Parker Foundation

Herbert and Elaine Kendall Charitable Foundation

Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp

Lee and Marla McNally Phillips

Nancy and Mike Sheldon

Craig and Kirsten Springer

Connie Frank and Evan Thompson

Robert R. and Sandra L. Urquhart 


La Cumbre Circle: $2,500 AND ABOVE

Bitsy and Denny Bacon

Michele and Arnold Brustin Foundation

Casa Dorinda

Hal Conklin

Cox Communications

Mary Tonetti Dorra

Chronicle Family Offices

Stephen and Carla Hahn

Judith Hopkinson

Donald and Diane Jackson

Luci and Rich Janssen

KDB/Classical KUSC

Claudia Lapin

Philip and Lee Marking

Dale Marquis

William and Jocelyne Meeker

Kevin and Courtney Mokarow

Bob and Val Montgomery

Samuel B. and Margaret C. Mosher Foundation/Ed and Sue Birch

Ursula and Patrick Nesbitt

James Nigro

Paksy and Brian Plackis-Cheng

Dorothy Roberts

Jean Rogers

Joan and Geoffrey Rutkowski

Henry and Dundie Schulte/Rudi Schulte Family Foundation

Jack and Anitra Sheen

Diane and Selby Sullivan

Christopher J. Toomey

Nicholas and Patricia Weber

Dr. Robert Weinman


La Loma Circle $1,000 AND ABOVE

Howard Racker Adamson

Jeffrey and Margo Barbakow

Helene and Jerry Beaver

Jill and John C. Bishop, Jr.

Peter Brown and Suzanne Tomlinson Brown

Jack and Karen Byers

Larry and Shelley Coldren

Mary and Richard Compton

Chad and Ginni Dreier

Roger and Margi Drue

Dennis and Patty Forster

The GE Foundation

Mike and Dianne Harrell

Robert C. Hecht

Joanne C Holderman

Jackie Inskeep

Shari and George Isaac III

Lester and Janet Knispel

Laura Kuhn

Lobero Theatre Foundation

Steve and Cindy Lyons

Matthew and Ann Marquis

Robert and Siri Marshall

Richard and Marilyn Mazess

Joel A. and Sheila Mendelsohn

Doug and Nancy Norberg

Fred Fucci and Carol Peterson

John and Ellen Pillsbury

Brett Matthews and Ginger Salazar

Maryan Schall

Jean Schuyler

Mary H. Shambra

Chuck and Missy Sheldon

Maya V. Smidt

Terri Trevillian

Dr. and Mrs. Willes H. Weber

Doug and Linda Wood

Anonymous (2)

Recognizing contributors who have made an unrestricted gift
to The Santa Barbara Center for the Performing Arts between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016

Antioch University Santa Barbara

Roger Bower, Crown Point Vineyards

Barbara Burger and Paul Munch

Dennis and Susan Chiavelli

James Chrismen

Peter Clark

Ken Clements and Elsbeth Kleen

Ed and Janet Dewey

Paul F. Glenn

Patricia Jackson

Sarah Jaimes

Karen M. Kahn

Robert and Ellen Lawson

Bruce McRoy

Lorraine Nelson

Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Piper

Caren Rager and Jim Lichtman

Adele Rosen

Sybil Rosen

Sheryl and Barry K. Schwartz

Nina Terzian

Claire Van Blaricum

Mort and Judy Weisman



John and Lisa Adair

Dave and Yvonne Bazinet

Roger and Polly Bookwalter

Howard Jay Smith and Patricia Bivans Dixon

Emmy Dunn

Lisa Hawkins

Ruth and Alan Heeger

Hayley Firestone Jessup

Peter Lance

David Landis and Gail Teton-Landis

Dr. Gary and Linda Levinson

Michael R. Lewellen

Patrick and Esther McKinley

Gloria Montano

Kristi Newton and Joseph Beban

Robert and Leila Noel

Kate Rees

Charles and Gayle Rosenberg

Mark and Leslie Schneiderman

Gary Simpson and Betsy Stivers

Juliette Sponsel

Debra Stewart

M. and M. Thies


Peter and Becky Adams

Jerome and Dinah Baumgartner

Robert Burke

Ron and Gale Busch

Vikki Cavaletto

Alexia Chahine

Dr. and Mrs. David Chernof

Laura Chersky

Joe Clark and Suzette Cobb

Miss Mary Blackwood Collier

Shawn Crane

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Dent

Sarah S. Dobbs

Judy Edner

James Ferguson

Elizabeth and Lee Gabler

Anne and David Gersh

Sally H. Giloth

Richard Handin and Claudia Whitman

Mary Ann Harrill

Daniel and Donna Hone

David and Julieanne Hybert

Richard and Carole Keller

James and Diana Kennett

Fred Klein

Kim, Donny and Jesse Lieberman

David and Dawn Ligon

Bill and Marge Livingstone

Mehle and Jim McKittrick

Richard Messmore

Kay Miller

Marnie and Steven Pinsker

David and Cathy Quenzer

Kris Rehler and Dennis Hanson

Elizabeth Reiter

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Riley

Jeffery W. Ring

Nanci and Ron Robertson

Charity Romero

Marilyn Ryan

Irene and Mel Sahyun

John and Cynthia Sanger

Marijo Schleis

Trudy Smith

Gary and Vera Sutter

Mark Svenningsen

Sydney and Peter Tredick

Scott and Patti Verdugo Johnson

Ken and Joyce Watts

Carla Wilson

Patricia J. Wilson

Tyler Wolf

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Yetter



Recognizing honorary or memorial contributions made between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016

In Memory of Barry Berkus

      Daniel and Donna Hone

In Memory of Elmer Bernstein

      Eve Bernstein

In Honor of Sarah and Roger Chrisman

      Robert R. and Sandra L. Urquhart 

      Jack and Karen Byers

In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. William Bell Collier III

      Miss Mary Blackwood Collier

In Memory of Debby Davison

      Anne and Michael Towbes

In Memory of Jane Ferguson

      James Ferguson

In Memory of Lynn Matteson

      Roger and Polly Bookwalter

In Honor of Anne and Michael Towbes

      Jeffrey and Margo Barbakow

      Sybil Rosen

      Patricia J. Wilson 



Although we have made every effort to correctly list and recognize all of our donors, we sincerely apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions on our donor lists.  Please contact our Development Department at 805.899.3000 with any comments or corrections.



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